What the Fuck Happened to Kaitlyn? Zine, 2018

Dzadza Zine, 2018

I Was Raped by Steve Harrington Zine, 2018

Deep End Zine, 2018

Coming Home From the Airport Inklette Magazine, 2017

Tell Me I'm Pretty Bad Nudes Magazine, 2017

Ghosting The Void, 2016

Amazing Grace Soliloquies Anthology, 2016

Miatoad Bad Nudes Magazine, 2016


Grand Rapids Zine Fair Tabled, 2018

San Francisco Zine Fair Tabled, 2018


Canadian Boat Shows Promotional comic series, 2017/2018

Stefano Zita Music video illustration series, 2018

Snailspace Band logo design, 2018

Steezy Knicks Promotional illustration for band, 2017